About Us

Phoenix Forever Flooring has been in business for more than thirty years. In 1983, brothers Mike Donnette and Eric Donnette partnered up to create their own local business providing the best in laminate flooring, hardwood flooringFlooring-Products and tile flooring in the city. We both grew up in the Phoenix area and have settled here as adults to raise our own families. The heart of our business will always be our clients. We aim to meet your flooring needs in a professional, friendly, individual way. For more than ten years we worked locally with hundreds of small businesses and private homes to meet their flooring needs. Working a tight schedule, yet balancing our time with our family lives, we worked hard to build our business up to what it is today. Now we employ eight people, providing them with full time jobs in their communities. Our company is proud to offer the best in health insurance and benefits for our workers and their families. We are a family run business and we take pride in caring for the needs of our employees’ families too. After growing and thriving over the last few decades, we are also looking into opening a second office in another city. We are looking forward to being able to provide a great flooring service to even more people.¬†The flooring we offer includes eight different types of hardwood flooring, 12 laminate flooring options and 12 tile flooring options. All of the flooring we sell is the best quality and ideal for any home or business location. We offer a free consultation service and we’re even happy to come to your location so that we can get a better idea of what you want. We can make recommendations on what would work best in your location and advise you on the most cost effective way of redoing the floors. We also offer an installation service at reasonable rates. Whatever you want, we are here to help you. We pride ourselves in the best customer service in the industry. We enjoy working with customers to ensure that they get exactly what they want and are happy with the end result. To find out more about how Phoenix Forever¬†Flooring can help you with your flooring project, at home or at your place of business, get in touch. We can’t wait to hear from you!

We would also like to go ahed and reveal a new partnership with A-Z Flooring, One of the top phoenix carpet instalelrs. we are very proud to bring them into the family and start a long and fruitful partnership!